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What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is a collection of procedures that enables businesses to view and control all data related to their cars and other assets, from the time of purchase until the end of their useful lives. With the development of technology, more companies are turning to fleet management software to optimize maintenance scheduling, give better visibility into vehicle and asset use, and lower the total cost of ownership. Digital procedures eliminate wasteful manual labour and simplify operations as the job of the fleet manager grows.

Fleet Tracking

When it comes to fleet tracking, there are many factors to consider: when the fleets are available, when they depart and arrive, and other potential tracking issues. We employ GPS tracking to keep track of the fleets and other assets (e.g., workers, and equipment). All of the information’s gathered in real-time.


With a simple dashboard interface, you can assign and schedule tasks, as well as reorganize any assignment. Create as many trips as you need to keep all the tasks tidily organized between multiple fleets or locations. You can quickly dispatch schedules and allocate fleet usage.

Driver Performance Monitoring

Monitoring and evaluating your drivers’ performance will provide you with data that will assist you in making better decisions. You can improve fleet and driver safety, driver retention, and overall operations.

Automated Reporting

The goal of automated reporting is to provide businesses with relevant, usable information in a timely manner. It will inform you about what has occurred on the trip. Automated reports can be created at regular periods based on your business needs.

Who Needs the Software?

Industries that rely on trucking for transportation need a dependable and efficient fleet management system. With cutting-edge technology, both office staff and drivers can access our system from anywhere at any time. iHub Logistics helps industries save time, money, and resources by improving fleet management.

The iHub Logistics web-based fleet maintenance software is a versatile tool that can offer benefits to any company that owns and operates a fleet of vehicles.

If you’re looking for fleet maintenance software that is both web-based and user-friendly, iHub Logistics is the perfect solution. Our software is designed to help fleet managers keep track of vehicle maintenance and repair records, schedule preventive maintenance, and monitor vehicle performance.

The iHub Logistics Fleet Management Software allows for real-time tracking of containers and company assets, which can help managers reduce risks associated with lost or misplaced items. Thanks to its comprehensive functionality, the software can help managers save time and money.

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