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Operate Smarter, Drill Better

iHub Drilling Technologies is a cloud-based software solution for drilling contractors, designed to streamline the management of contract drilling projects and in the field sites and workforce. With drilling management software, you can manage everything in the drilling process from capturing PLOD and safety forms to billing clients, all in one place.

Our software is easy-to-use and supports office administration tasks by seamlessly collaborating with field users and other staff. Our system lets your clients connect via our portal, improving project visibility and collaboration.

Why Choose iHub Drilling Technologies?

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration Between Office Administration Tasks and Field Users

Single Data Entry

Single Data Entry via Cloud Web Technologies

Online and Offline Work Capabilities

Online and Offline Work Capabilities for Field Users

Client Portal

Client Portal for Improved Project Visibility and Collaboration

Intuitive software for PLODs

Intuitive software for PLODs and Prestarts

This drilling management software is intuitive and designed to capture everything from the field without paperwork.
Whether you’re online or offline, you can easily capture PLOD (Progressive Log of Drilling) and safety forms, without worrying about losing them or carrying outdated safety documents.

Drilling Reporting and Invoicing

Our software makes it easy to automate end-of-shift reports and share them with clients with one click. Or set it to auto-share. Additionally, you can streamline your invoicing process by generating cost summaries directly on the platform, and then invoice directly through Xero or MYOB.

Timesheets and Payroll

Avoid timesheet headaches and record accurate staff hours digitally via the iHub Drilling Technologies software. Save hours of admin hours and conduct payroll easily.

About iHub Drilling Technologies

iHub Drilling Technologies is a comprehensive drilling management software that helps to improve drilling operations in the mining industry. The software helps mining and exploration teams work better together, making it easier to plan, run, and manage drill programs. This cloud-based operations platform will give your team capabilities for optimization and control of the drilling projects.

Exploration teams at mining and exploration companies use the drilling planning features to create and manage drilling plans, schedules, and budgets. They can also optimize drilling operations for efficiency, safety, and cost reduction using the platform. It ensures that all team members are on the same page and working towards the same goals.

As a drilling report software, contractors use the daily drilling report features to capture data from the field, share it with their clients, and then invoice them. It helps contractors to share the data and reports with clients and other stakeholders. We can also share important data insights like drilling duration, torque and drag, bogged and fishing time, rig and hole numbers, and labour information, The software helps identify areas for improvement and demonstrate compliance with regulations.

These features are designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety in the drilling industry. And as a modern SaaS platform, iHub Drilling Technologies is easy to subscribe to and get started within just a matter of days.

What can we offer?

Mineral Exploration Software

Cloud-Based Software for Mineral Exploration

You will save time, reduce costs, and improve your operations by moving your work to the cloud. You can run one or many projects, from planning your drill programs to completion and reporting on all levels, using one platform.

Plan Drill Programs

Plan and Budget Your Drill Programs

With iHub, you can easily plan and budget your drill programs, track production and sample dispatch, manage your field activities, improve resource management, and more.

Easily Share PLODs

Capture, Approve, and Share PLODs from Rig

Our software makes it easy to capture, approve, and share PLOD from the rig, improving collaboration between field users and office administration.

Track Drill Performance

Track Drill Production and Rig Performance

With iHub, you can track drill production and rig performance, giving you better insight into your operations and helping you make better decisions.

Empower Your Team to Work Better, Together

Our digital operations platform is built for mining exploration and drilling. By using our software, you can reduce time wasted on manual data entry and unnecessary double-handling. Remove data silos and have one source of truth where your team can go to work.

Automate Your Workflow

With iHub, you can automate your workflow, speed up manual processes, and improve business efficiency. Get real-time monitoring and better decision-making based on drilling data as it happens.

Available on Mobile and Tablet

Our software is available on mobile and tablet, and you can create unlimited forms to collect data, follow safety procedures, report incidents, and access policies, documents, and contacts in the field, even offline.

HSE Integration

Elevate safety and compliance standards with the new HSE software module for iHub Drilling Technologies. This powerful addition enriches our robust drilling management software. It integrates comprehensive health, safety, and environmental tools. These tools fit directly into your operational workflow. They ensure seamless adherence to industry standards and enhance risk mitigation.

Embedding HSE practices is essential for reducing operational risks and fostering a safe working environment. It not only prevents costly incidents but also reinforces your company’s commitment. This commitment sustains safety benchmarks, crucial for maintaining trust and compliance in the drilling sector.

See How it Works

Organise a personalised demo to see how iHub Drilling Technologies can help you streamline your operations and grow better. Our team will walk you through the software and answer any questions you may have about how it can benefit your drilling business. Simply fill out the form on our website to schedule your demo.

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iHub Drilling Technologies is a user-friendly, cloud-based software platform that can be easily subscribed to and implemented within a few days.

Empower your team to work better together with a digital operations platform built for mining exploration and drilling. From planning your drill programs to automating client invoicing and time sheeting, iHub Drilling Technologies has everything you need to run your business more efficiently.

Contact us today to learn more about our drilling management software and how we can help your drilling business succeed.