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Streamline Your Skip Hire Operation

WasteVantage is a powerful skip hire management software that is designed for the waste industry to save you time and money.

You can work from anywhere with our cloud-based system that connects to waste management delivery and collection drivers along with your customers through a simple-to-use mobile app.

This system is affordable for even small skip businesses to large enterprise companies. Our system is modular so we can tailor a package to meet your requirements and budget.


Key Features

The WasteVantage bin management application will give you a solid return on investment. You can implement single data entry, easy-to-use and find quotes, orders, timesheets, and integration with accounting software.

Some of the features you will enjoy include:

Simple Invoicing icon

Simple Invoicing

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Client Management

Job Scheduling icon

Job Scheduling

Bin Inventory icon

Bin Inventory

Bin Pricing icon

Bin Pricing

Delivery Management icon

Delivery Management

Order Management icon

Order Management

Trade Credit Account icon

Trade Credit Account

Project Management icon

Project Management

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Fleet GPS

We also have the advantage of having a team of software developers and software analysts to solve business problems in your waste management company to deliver you a bespoke solution.

Book a call with our sales team and we will show you the WasteVantage and the way forward to better manage your company.


Easy Sales, Invoicing and Payments

When it comes to waste management, time is of the essence. That’s why WasteVantage has developed an app that is designed to save you time and hassle. From the start of the order process, the WasteVantage app will make it easy to get the bin availability and pricing.

You can also look up past customers’ orders and details. This will help you to make sure that you are getting the best possible service. In addition, the app will allow you to track your order from start to finish. This way, you will always know where your bin is and when it will be delivered. With WasteVantage, you can be confident that your waste management needs are taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

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Run Sheets, Scheduling and Allocation

Once you have hired skip bins out to customers, you need to manage the bin inventory, scheduling, and fleet management logistics.

WasteVantage makes it simple to build run sheets and schedule delivery and pickup tasks. This way, you can avoid customer complaints and ensure that everyone is happy with the service that they receive.

In addition, WasteVantage provides free sales consultants who can answer any questions that you may have about this skip hire software. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your business operations.

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Order Management

We have made it as simple as possible to manage all tasks associated with customers’ orders. Our payment tracking reconciliation is straightforward, and it is easy to change over skip bins. Reordering and cancelling an order with a refund is payment is a breeze.

You can also quickly add extra charges, change the bin size, and track the status of your order. Our second contact for the site is always available to answer any questions you may have. As a result, you can be confident that your experience with us will be smooth and hassle-free.

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Order Management screenshot

Real-Time Administration & Fleet Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you all of the essential information in real-time including new orders, skip bins in the field, admin comments to keep track of order changes and extra changes that are collaborative throughout the whole system, revenue, fleet task live status updates and fleet management.

Knowing where your trucks are via live GPS tracking is just a small part of fleet management. Your drivers are in most cases the front of the house to service your customer. WasteVantage driver app and administration software empower your fleet manager to schedule or reroute jobs without even calling the driver.

The system can take images of problems and quickly send them to fleet management to deal with. This leads to complaints and the safety of the staff and customers.

Risk management is an important part of business and telematics monitoring driver behaviour is the first set each fleet manager should consider. The vehicle is also a part of the safety compliance that our system helps to manage in the asset management module. Driver resource and contracted driver management along with time sheets and daily run sheets are all streamlined in the system.

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Communicate Directly With Drivers

Field management for driver tasks including pre-start and compliance driver logs. Our goal is to empower the driver with live data changes from the fleet manager. This includes push notifications and live chat with the ability to send images both ways.

The driver has a digital copy of the daily run sheet which is automatically updated and a notification is sent to prompt the driver. We also incorporate our workflow engine to send an SMS or email to the customer with proof of delivery.

We support live dashcam integration via iHub wifi link. Our telematic device is Bluetooth so we only need one SIM for data transmission. We also support GPS tracking and bin identification tags.

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Customer Management

The CRM system is designed to help businesses keep track of their customers, projects, and notes. The system includes a customer database that can be used to manage many customers at once.

The customer database includes information on account type, credit limit, billing cycle, and other important details. The system also includes a project management tool that helps businesses keep track of their projects. The project management tool includes a task list, a calendar, and a budget.

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Holistic Marketing

All businesses are only worth the value of the customers’ spend. Recognizing this, our waste management software includes marketing features to ensure you stay connected with your customers effectively.

WasteVantage marketing analytic tools track customers’ behaviour and can automatically change online marketing strategies via big data and remarketing.

Also, each enquiry is added as a lead and can be used for remarketing via Google Ads or Facebook to increase the conversion ratio of your marketing campaigns.

Expand your client base, improve customer retention and build strong relationships with your clients through simplified email marketing. This should be a part of every business marketing strategy. This system is a complete marketing funnel with an automated workflow built in.

You can divide your marketing targeting into vertical groups like B2B or B2C.

Direct Skip Bin Ordering with WasteVantage App

WasteVantage customer app illustration v2

We believe we have built the most advanced waste customer app in the field today. Why we think it is important is waste management companies can save tens of thousands of dollars by empowering your customers to make their own orders and changers that free up the call centre operator.

The app was built mainly for project managers to manage multiple sites and different site contacts and instructions. It also supports account orders and credit management.

But for the residential customers, the app allows the client to order, reorder and manage their order including pickup adding extra and this also allows us to make directly to the client improving retention.

A second phase is currently being designed that will allow the app to target residential users through a sustainable practices program.

Compliance and HR Management

The WasteVantage app is the perfect tool for resource management in any organisation. The app’s HR document compliance function ensures that all employees’ documents are up to date and compliant with current legislation.

The rosters function enables you to easily create and manage rosters for your team, and the pay rates function ensures that all employees are paid the correct rate for their work.

The contractors’ details function allows you to keep track of contact details for all your contractors, and the charge rates function means that you can accurately calculate the cost of your services. With all these functions in one convenient app, WasteVantage is the ideal resource management solution for any business.

Customizable Dashboard

Customise Your Skip Hire Dashboard With Your Preferences

Every aspect of your dashboard can be customised to your requirements. This includes aesthetics including your company branding and colours through to functionality and features that are bespoke to your business.

The team at iHub Technologies has developed this skip bin management software so that you can become an industry leader in waste management. This software can also be customised to meet the booking requirements of any industry.


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