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Franchise management software for field service companies

When you need to know where your service fleet is, iHub logistics can pinpoint every available resource live. This will improve the service’s response time. Now you can take that booking with confidence and even chat with the service resource while you have the client on the phone. Staying connected and informed will make the difference to improving output and customer stratification.

Multi-channel, single payment gateway

Accepting, monitoring and enforcing payment can be a challenge for franchisees. It is difficult for individual tradespeople or other operators to accept all forms of digital payment, invoice (and chase up errant invoices) and manage bookkeeping and accounts when they might be operating from a mobile van or not have access to a centralised office that performs those functions.

Through the iHub Logistics franchise software solution, all forms of digital payments can be accepted through a single gateway and apportioned to the relevant franchisee. This simplifies and streamlines the process, also allowing a head office to handle bookkeeping, refunds, chasing outstanding invoices and other functions for franchisees.

Our franchise management software will be finance and bookkeeping ready out of the box for your company and its franchise holders.

Improved efficiency of work

With total visibility of jobs booked and the current status of all franchisees, you can manage the distribution of work across multiple vendors, partners and franchisees. This ensures that some franchisees aren’t overloaded while others have very little work on their books, provides an improved customer experience and allows you to accept more job bookings.

Effective zone management

Ensure your services company is getting the maximum penetration into your target regions without crossover between franchise holders. Provide a broader scope of service with greater efficiencies by having clear visibility over zones and which franchisees are servicing them.

Improved marketing capability

Whenever a new customer uses your website to book a service, request a quote or take any other action, their details including email address is logged. Your email subscription list is updated automatically whenever your franchises place orders.

This is vital, because email campaigns remain the most effective form of marketing with every $1 spent generating a $38 return on investment. Your CTR, traffic to your franchise websites and conversions will only improve the more your subscriber list is automatically populated by the iHub Logistics backend.

View partner data

With the iHub Logistics dashboard, you will not only have visibility over your own operations but also partner organisations as well.

You can simply link them to the dashboard and have access to information including sales and revenue data.

Flexibility and customisation

The iHub Technologies backend can be customised to include your company branding, colours and other information. We provide full support and additional, customised features can be included by request.

For more information on how this franchise management software can simply and streamline your services industry operations, contact iHub Logistics on +61 429 966 184 or email us at