Drilling Software for Drilling Contractors

drilling software for drilling contractors

Drilling software is essential for drilling contractors to stay competitive and remain up-to-date with the evolving drilling industry. With the fast innovation of software technology, new types of drilling software are introduced in the market every other week.

Before we get to know the types of available drilling software solutions, let’s talk about what drilling software really is.

What is Drilling Software?

Drilling software refers to a broad term for a range of software solutions designed for all aspects of drilling. It includes planning, scheduling, operations, data management, and data analytics. It is a critical tool in a drilling contractor’s strategy to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The software can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Some software can be integrated with other types of drilling software to provide better-processed information on the entire drilling process.

Many Australian drilling contractors use a variety of drilling software solutions to improve their operations.

Types of Drilling Software for Drilling Contractors

There are two main solutions for drilling software that is useful for contractors. Drilling management software and daily drilling report software. Let’s explore a little about both of them.

1. Drilling Management Software

Drilling management software is a digital tool that helps drilling contractors manage all aspects of their drilling workflow. It includes planning, drilling, billing, analysis, reporting, and data capture. Both field and office teams use this software. The drillers capture field data and send it to the office team for review, approval, analysis, and billing.

As a drilling manager, it can be challenging to keep track of everything that’s happening in the field. Drilling management software solves this problem by centralizing and standardizing all drilling and activity data in one place. It allows the managers a complete view of business performance in real-time.

With drilling management software, you can easily capture drilling data, create cost summaries, analyze performance, generate reports, and share data with clients. This tool helps drilling managers set performance benchmarks across the entire business, and make informed decisions to improve operations.

2. Daily Drilling Report Software

Daily Drilling Report (DDR) is a digital solution for capturing and managing drill PLOD (Progressive Log of Drilling). Therefore this type of drilling software is sometimes also called PLOD management software.

It involves two steps: capturing the plod data in the field and then uploading it to a web platform. On the web platform, drilling managers can edit and share the data with exploration clients in PDF format. The software also includes basic reporting and analytics to help managers keep track of the number of plods captured and meters drilled. The data insights are then reviewed, managed, and shared with clients by the office team.

This eliminates the need for manually searching through folders or transcribing data from paper to spreadsheets.

Choosing the Right Drilling Software for Your Business

Drilling contractors face many problems, and the best drilling software for them is the one that solves most of these issues. It should also help with potential future problems. By identifying the problems at the beginning, contractors can narrow down their search for software and avoid being distracted by unnecessary features.

Managing multiple systems and data sources can be challenging and make it difficult to track business performance. To address this, leading drilling contractors in Australia are switching to cloud-based software that centralizes and standardizes data. This way, everyone on the team can access the information they need quickly and easily, and stay on the same page.

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