How Drilling Management Software is Helping Companies in Australia Succeed

How Drilling Management Software is Helping Companies

In the world of drilling and mining, companies are constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently, stay safe, and comply with regulations. One way they’re doing this is by using advanced drilling management software, which is helping them achieve these goals.

Let’s look at how three companies—iHub Drilling Technologies, CorePlan, and Thiess—are using this software to improve their operations in Australia.

iHub Drilling Technologies: Making Operations Easier and Cheaper

iHub Drilling Technologies has created software that’s a game-changer for drilling contractors and mining companies. Here’s how it helps:

  • Automated Reporting
    The software automatically creates reports, which saves time and reduces mistakes.
  • Invoicing
    It also handles billing, making sure invoices go out on time and are accurate.
  • Compliance Management
    iHub’s software helps companies follow all the necessary rules and regulations, avoiding fines and legal issues.

These features help companies run more smoothly and cut down on costs, allowing them to focus on the actual drilling and mining work.


CorePlan offers a drilling management platform that’s perfect for mining, exploration, and drilling companies. Here’s why it’s popular:

  • Customisable Workflows
    Companies can tailor the software to fit their specific needs.
  • Integration
    CorePlan works well with other tools companies might already be using.
  • Mobile App
    A handy mobile app that lets workers access the platform remotely.

Clients like Impact Minerals and DDH1 Drilling love how easy CorePlan is to implement and use. They also appreciate the excellent customer support that comes with it.

Thiess Collaboration

Thiess, in partnership with WesTrac and Caterpillar, has introduced autonomous drilling technology. This means drills can operate on their own with minimal human intervention.

The benefits are impressive:

  • 20% Increase in Drilling Performance
    Autonomous technology has made drilling much more efficient.
  • Reduced Unscheduled Stoppages
    The technology helps minimise delays caused by bad weather.

This collaboration shows how advanced technology can make drilling operations safer and more productive.

The Big Benefits of Drilling Management Software

The stories of iHub Drilling Technologies, CorePlan, and Thiess highlight several major benefits of using drilling management software:

  1. Better Efficiency
    Automated processes save time and effort, allowing workers to focus on the actual drilling work.
  2. Improved Safety
    Technologies like autonomous drilling reduce the risk of accidents.
  3. Regulatory Compliance
    Software helps companies follow rules and regulations, avoiding fines.
  4. Cost Savings
    By making operations more efficient, companies can save money.

Ready to Make a Decision? Here’s What to Consider

If your company is thinking about investing in drilling management software, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Understand Your Needs
    Think about what your company specifically needs from the software.
  • Check for Integration
    Make sure the software can work with the tools you already use.
  • Think About Growth
    Choose software that can grow with your company.
  • Look for Good Support
    Make sure the software provider offers strong customer support to help you get started and troubleshoot any issues.

Drilling management software is helping companies in Australia work more efficiently, stay safe, and comply with regulations. Whether it’s iHub Drilling Technologies, CorePlan, or the Thiess collaboration, these tools are proving their worth in the industry.

If you’re ready to improve your drilling operations, consider investing in a drilling management software solution. It can help you streamline your processes, enhance safety, and save money. Request a free quote or a demo from iHub Logistics to see how it can benefit your business.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see how our drilling management software can help your company succeed.

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