The Launch of Australia’s First Smart Skip Bin Ordering Platform Has Been a Huge Success

iHub Technologies, a Perth-based company, has successfully implemented its waste management software into the system of Access Waste. It is hailed as Australia’s premier smart skip bin ordering service.

The company’s system is now streamlined, automating the logistics for waste disposal. It also handles supply chain management efficiently. Furthermore, it connects customers and contractors to a vast network of waste disposal companies.

With cloud-based skip hire software and a single point of entry, the platform allows for automated inventory management, transportation scheduling, skip bin storage management and more.

This ordering platform provides customers with the convenience to estimate their costs in advance. They can also obtain an immediate quote. Additionally, the platform ensures compliance with recycling and waste management regulations at higher levels.

iHub Technologies is thrilled with the platform’s rapid growth, and the positive impact it has had on the industry.

Access Waste’s Success Has Been Exponential

The Greater Perth Region has embraced the Access Waste portal powered by iHub Technologies. The marketing team has reported that orders have peaked at 200 per cent over forecasted expectations and almost caused all skip bins to sell out.

This has been reflected online, with Access Waste ranking for 17 different keywords in the search engine despite heavy competition in the region after just two months of operation.

That achievement is almost unheard of in digital marketing. The journey has been mostly smooth sailing. Both customers and skip bin providers are thrilled with the system’s ease of use and transparency.

This system ensures swift and reliable skip bin delivery. It caters to both domestic and commercial purposes across Perth.

The Best is Yet to Come for Access Waste

Access Waste logo

The team at iHub Technologies will not be resting on their laurels with this early success achieved with the Access Waste platform. Even in its current stage, this skip bin business management system is still regarded as a beta and real-world exposure through Access Waste has shown that there are elements that can be modified and improved.

Over the last two months, the iHub Technologies development team has made four new release versions to streamline and improve the functionality of the skip bin business management system powering Access Waste. We are now confident in the software and can see a clear benefit to skip bin business using the system. The future is bright for not only Access Waste but for Australian – and global – waste management in general.