WasteVantage Has Now Completed the Onboarding of EzySkips Online to the New System

Ezyskips Online to the New System

EzySkips Online, a leading skip bin hire company in Perth, Western Australia, has just started using the new WasteVantage system, and it’s working great! This new system makes it easier for multiple skip bin companies to offer their services from one place.

In this article, we’ll explore how WasteVantage is making things better for both customers and vendors.

Making Waste Management Easier with WasteVantage

Managing waste can be tricky and time-consuming. Often, people have to visit different websites or make several calls just to find the right skip bin.

EzySkips Online has tackled this issue by using the WasteVantage system, which makes the process much simpler and more efficient.

Key Features of the WasteVantage System

1. One Platform for Many Vendors

WasteVantage supports multiple skip bin companies on a single platform. This means vendors can manage their services more efficiently, and customers can easily find what they need without hopping between different websites.

2. Better Control for Vendors

A big challenge for skip bins online was giving vendors control over their operations. With WasteVantage, vendors can now manage customer orders, details, inventory, and bin pricing all in one place.

This helps vendors run their businesses smoothly and offer competitive prices.

3. Easy Online Ordering for Customers

Customers can now order skip bins easily online. With the best waste management software, they can enter their location, choose the bin size, and select the waste type they need.

WasteVantage then finds the best price based on the date, location, and waste type. This saves customers time and ensures they get a good deal.

4. Handy Apps for Drivers and Customers

WasteVantage also includes two useful apps. The driver app helps vendors keep track of their fleet, making operations more efficient.

The skip bin hire customer app makes it easy for frequent users to place orders and manage waste on project sites. This app is part of a complete upgrade path to WasteVantage’s skip hire management software.

Benefits of the New System

1. More Efficiency

WasteVantage makes waste management more efficient. By automating many tasks and giving vendors useful tools, the system reduces work and allows vendors to focus on providing great service.

2. Better Customer Experience

Customers now have a smooth and easy experience when hiring skip bins. The online ordering process is simple, and the system offers competitive prices.

This means customers can get the best service without the hassle of searching through multiple websites or making numerous calls.

3. Improved Vendor Operations

Vendors benefit from having better control over their operations. They can manage inventory, customer orders, and pricing effectively.

The driver and customer apps further streamline operations, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient waste management.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions

WasteVantage helps find the best price for bins based on various factors like date, location, and waste type. This ensures customers get cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and promoting sustainable waste management practices.

EzySkips Online’s Commitment to Innovation

EzySkips Online’s adoption of the WasteVantage system shows its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. They are always looking for ways to improve their services and stay ahead in the waste management industry in Perth.

The onboarding of EzySkips Online to the WasteVantage system is a big step forward in waste management services. With its easy-to-use platform, enhanced control for vendors, simple online ordering, and helpful apps, WasteVantage offers a complete solution that benefits both customers and vendors.

As EzySkips Online continues to embrace new technology, its customers can expect even better value and service in the future. For more information about the new WasteVantage system and how it can help with your waste management needs, contact iHub Logistics today.

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